Name Néroli
Origin Neroli is an oil produced from the flower of the Bitter Orange tree.
Nom INCI Citrus aurantium

It is the Princess of Nerola who gave her name to neroli, she was the first to declare her love for it. Produced from the sour orange tree, neroli can be extracted from several parts of the tree such as the leaves, flowers or seeds. With its flowery and sweet smell, the scent of neroli alternates between the acidity of bergamot and the sweetness of mandarin. Neroli is not widely used in perfumery because of its high cost, explained by the need for a very large quantity of flowers to extract the essence of neroli. Indeed, the bigaradier produces from 6 to 8 kg of flowers on average but in the period of strongest production, it can go up to 30kg. With one kilo of flowers, we obtain one liter of orange flower water, but it takes a ton of flowers to obtain one kilo of neroli.