We are proud to participate in the renewal of the Made in France.
All our treatments are made in France in the respect of a traditional craftsmanship. They are subject to good manufacturing practices specific to French cosmetics laws whose rules are among the most stringent in the world.  

More than a place of manufacture the Made in France is a guarantee of excellence for all our products and a guarantee of safety for all users.


Enfance Paris is committed to protecting your children's skin from exposure to any endocrine disruptors.
We are not just excluding from our formulas the 1328 chemical substances banned in Europe, we also exclude all those that are on the gray list.
Only ingredients of natural origin are kept. GMO-free - No synthetic fragrance - No parabens - No PEG, BHA or BHT - No phthalates - No EDTA - Phenoxyethanol free - No organohalogen compounds – No Sulphates


Enfance Paris guarantees Cruelty Free and Vegan cosmetics.

This means that none of our finished cosmetics, nor the ingredients related to their manufacture are tested on animals.

We stick to naturally occurring components from plants and flowers, excluding inputs or assets from the animal world.


Our formulas are without compromise upon the quality and virtues of ingredients. Composed only of raw materials of excellency from organic farming.
Our treatments use the benefits of floral waters and organic essential oils. Organic oils and vegetable butters are chosen according to their compatibility with children’s skin, excluding those with allergenic risk.

All our treatments are at least 99% from natural ingredients.


Enfance Paris made the choice of eco-friendly formulations ensuring skin’s safety but also protection for the environment.

Without any petrochemical ingredients our products respect the skins of your children and do not pollute their planet.

After use, sort out our packaging which are all recyclable.