NAME D’USAGE Organic Apricot kernel oil
ORIGIN Originally from China, the apricot tree has adapted perfectly to the climate of the Mediterranean Basin since antiquity. However, it was not until the 18th century that it developed in France.

Obtained by the first cold pressing of the fruit kernel, organic apricot kernel oil is very rich in carotenoids, vitamin E and omega 6, which makes it excellent for skin care, especially for babies and reactive skin. Its properties are numerous: regenerating, softening, moisturizing, softening, anti-inflammatory... Very nourishing, it reinforces the hydrolipidic film covering the surface of the epidermis and thus preserving the hydration of the skin. It is also a soothing and structuring emollient which preserves all the softness and the flexibility of the skin. With its fatty acid content, organic apricot kernel oil penetrates deeply into the skin without leaving a greasy film. A noble oil which enriches the formula of our Dry Nourishing Oil 3-12 years of all its virtues to make a true product of exception.