Tonic Shampoo 8-12 years

The formula of the tonic shampoo 8-12 years is specific to the hair of pre-teens who begin to regrease faster but it is not necessary to wash the hair at each bath or shower, two to three times a week depending on the sports activities of the child is sufficient.

A tip if our shampoo does not foam when applied it means that the hair did not need to be washed. On a wet hair shampoo is applied directly to the head using the pump, massage gently to lather up. The thin, non-sticky foam is then rinsed easily and quickly with clean water. 

The absence of gum or silicone in EP shampoos makes the washing formula very effective and the hair can appear squeaky when brushing, it's normal they are clean!  The more you use our shampoos, the more naturally the hair will strengthen. If necessary, use our leave-in spray detangling care by generously spraying the ends of hair that are still damp before brushing.