02. 10. 2023

Three years ago, we launched our detangling spray, and since then we've been constantly improving our botanical expertise in haircare. Today we're delighted to unveil its improved formula. A new, highly effective, compatible organic ingredient has been added to the formula, which was not available in our first formulation!

A unique formula in which the active ingredients have been reworked, rethought and, above all, enhanced to improve the product's effectiveness and ease of use. A specific treatment for detangling and styling the hair of children aged 3 and over. This new formula has a richer, thicker texture, leaving hair fortified and silky, with the fresh scent of sweet almond. Certified organic and made in France, our detangler draws its effectiveness from generous quantities of active ingredients to detangle and protect all hair types, leaving it supple and shiny.

Protective, refreshing and fortifying active ingredients that help hair reveal its natural softness and shine. Among them :

ALOE VERA - For its highly moisturizing and strengthening properties, Aloe Vera is a must for an easy detangling.

JOJOBA - A rich caring oil that moisturizes hair, and helps prevent split ends.

A spray bottle that makes it easy to use, so you can get rid of tangles! Our usage advice : Ultra practical, the detangling spray is applied directly after shampooing to lightly towel-dried hair, spraying 3 to 5 sprays onto the lengths. Start by gently detangling with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, then work your way up the lengths. The treatment works best on damp hair, as this allows the product to spread more evenly. No-rinse detangler acts as a nourishing treatment for the hair.

Available in a 200ml format in a 100% recycled and recyclable bottle.

We hope you like this new formula and look forward to your feedback.