26. 04. 2023

"You make wonders, we make their baby bottles." This is how the two dads who created the brand summarizes their mission. In the interview below Benjamin tells us all about their 100% French baby bottles, the safest on the market for the health of your children. 

Pay attention, a surprise awaits you at the end of the article.

Hello Benjamin, could you introduce us Le Biberon Français in a few words?

Le Biberon Français is fortunate to have a two-headed management team, Benjamin and Cédric, two dads who have launched and propelled a brand of premium baby bottles in a world dominated either by very large international structures or by beautiful brands driven by mompreuneuses.

I am Benjamin, married to Odile (end of suspense), a hearing aid acoustician and engineer. During a trip to Italy with our first son, we carried a lot of bottles for fear of running out and not being able to wash them, and one night I thought to myself "but in fact we carry air so how can we reduce the space?" I grabbed my son's little notebook and drew the first Russian wooden doll like baby bottles that would soon become the nesting bottles thanks to the arts and crafts school that allowed me to go from idea to realization.


My obsession: Offer baby bottles that I could use with my children, so no compromise on materials and quality. And while we're at it, why not rework the look of these everyday products too!

Once launched, Cédric, who at the time was the sales manager of a world leading baby bottle brand, contacted me on LinkedIn to tell me that he liked the idea so much that he would like to join the adventure to propel Le Biberon Français in this market he knew so well.

So here we are, it's been almost 6 years since we've been offering premium baby bottles but not only ...

Could you introduce your brand?

We have so many features in our baby bottles that I will just list them for you! But first of all here is our slogan written on all our bottles which are simply unique in the world:

"You do wonders, we do their baby bottles!"

Our baby bottles are 100% made in France, hence the name of the brand of course. They don’t capture the smell or color of food and pass in the microwave and dishwasher without the risk of tarnishing or damage. Even the markings don't fade, making them the most durable baby bottles in the world! No more buying and throwing away. Instead, it's time to reduce, reuse and recycle! In fact, we have lids that convert all of our baby bottles into leak-proof storage jars and soon we will have bottle caps to upcycle and use our products to their fullest capacity.

Our baby bottles are Bisphenol free: they are BP(A-Z) free! And unlike 98% of the baby bottles on the market, which are all made of polypropylene (including the leading brands), we don’t release any plastic micro-particles into baby's milk.

Our baby bottles fit together to save 75% of space for storage and travel. Our 360 ml bottle is simply the largest bottle in the world and they all have wide necks for easy cleaning and impeccable hygiene.

Our nipples are some of the softest in the world with an anatomical shape that works especially well when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. They all benefit from a patented anti-colic system that has been acclaimed by so many parents to whom we have been able to change their daily lives with baby.


How do you develop your distinctive designs? 

We started with the idea that if the baby bottle had to be as efficient as possible for babies, it had to catch the eye of the mother, who is the one who buys baby bottles in more than 90% of families. So, for us, there were no "wacky" designs, but rather a search for an aesthetic that was certainly childlike but also trendy and mostly non-gendered.

And then brands came looking for us to propose collaborations, something that had never existed on baby bottles before! Then we opened the way to selling baby bottles in concept stores and department stores, no question of having unicorns and glitter.

Let's name them in order: Tartine et Chocolat in 2018, then Soledad Bravi, Ines de la Fressange, Stella McCartney (who identified us as the most eco-responsible and sustainable brand on the market), the French Navy, the FFF, Bon Ton, and Chloé, the absolute luxury French style...

So you only make baby bottles?

After our dazzling success, which was supported by the press and television (TF1, BFM, Europe RMC, Elle, C à vous, La maison des maternelles, 10 pour cent series, Familly business etc...), we decided to develop other qualitative and desirable products.

You will find pacifiers that extend the designs of our baby bottles, but also dishes, bottle baskets, combs and brushes, teething rings, and soon other products that always respond to the same logic: quality, durability and design.


How did you know about Enfance Paris? 

At my very first professional faire in Paris in 2017, when I still only had prototypes, my little booth just happened to be in contact with Agnes' booth who happily runs her brand Enfance Paris.

She gave me the first tips and you never forget the first times! Today we are together in a collective called Douce France and which gathers brands that produce in France qualitative products for the children. 

Thank you Benjamin to have made us discover the backstage of le Biberon Français . 

We are fans of your practical nesting bottles with their unique look. 

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Stay tuned, the next interview is already in progress....