ESAT KYPSELI & Enfance Paris : teamwork
27. 10. 2022

Since 2019, we are proud to work alongside the ESAT KYPSELI, a medico-social institution of sheltered work, in Angers in the manufacturing of our soaps. 

The ESAT KYPSELI is a structure for persons with disabilities created more than 50 years ago by the militant will of families impacted by handicap. Since 2005, the ESAT has been designed to integrate people with disabilities through work.  

It is important for us to support the efforts of the ESAT KYPSELI in supporting people with disabilities by enabling them, through work, to flourish and find a place in our society. We share the values of protection and support for families they stand for, and that is why our collaboration was born.  

ESAT KYPSELI is more than just a workplace. It is an associative, collective place where the needs of individuals are taken into account so that professiona and personal paths are adapted individually. Strong support for families is also offered by the association, to deal with aging or proper treatment pathways.

The ESAT KYPSELI is organized in four establishments with different location and expertise. Each task and role are defined upon the abilities of each worker to empower individuals in reaching a matter of pride, appreciation and personal development. 

We have chosen to work with the ESAT KYPSELI in Angers, because it is close to our storage facilities and to some of our laboratories. Due to its geographical location, we are able to minimize our CO2 emissions and maintain a responsible and ecological production process. Our collaboration meets our human, social and environmental values. 

The choice of the Angers location is also linked to its recognized expertise in the luxury industry. The teams meet all our expectations of quality and care given to each soap production. The ESAT KYPSELI plays a key role in the artisanal production process of our soaps. They are responsible for the  final touch, giving the product all its differentiating beauty.   

The soaps are pierced at the ESAT KYPSELI by a specially designed  tool created by the staff of the establishment so that they can install and tie our signature ribbons. The soaps are then protected by the manual wrapping of its final packaging to be all available for sale.

We are extremely satisfied with our professional relationship with all the 'ESAT KYPSELI teams. They are always very attentive to our needs and endowed with a true sense of detail and a definite taste for a work well done.

If you would like to learn more about the KYPSELI ESAT, you can visit their website: