NAME Organic Camelina Oil
ORIGIN Plant native to Europe, also known as False flax. The camelina oil we use comes from French plants and is organically grown.
INCI Camelina sativa seed oil

Camelina is an premium organic virgin oil perfect to formulate precious care for sensitive and atopic skin. Rich in Omega-3, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, organic virgin camelina oil easily penetrates the skin without leaving a film on the dermis. It offers a real radiance boost thanks to its illuminating power. Adapted to the sensitive skins, its ultra-nourishing action regenerates and heals the tissues in depth, to relieve the irritated zones, like nappy rashes of babies. It is present in the Soothing Protective Soap 0-3 years, for its soothing, softening and revitalizing properties which bring protection to the irritated and sensitive skins of babies and young children.