NAME Orange Blossom Floral Water
ORIGIN The orange flower is a delicate white flower from the Bigaradier, a small emblematic shrub of the Mediterranean bay.
INCI Citrus aurantium amara flower water

Orange blossom floral water is obtained by hydrodistillation of its fresh flowers. With its relaxing scent it helps to fall asleep and also to calm baby’s digestive troubles. It is recommended for all skin types, but its soothing anti-inflammatory virtues are particularly suitable for skin suffering irritation and dryness. Moisturizing, it gently nourishes the delicate skin of babies and young children. Softening, moisturizing, refreshing, antiseptic, a floral water of a thousand virtues, included in our Gentle Shampoo 0-3 years and Enfance Paris’s Body Wash.