INCI ! What is that ???
20. 08. 2018

Here are some keys to help you decript this somewhat obscure language which is the only serious way to ensure the quality and origin of your cosmetics and their composition.

etiquette enfance parisHere are some tips to know: The ingredients are listed in order of importance, first those in larger quantities. The less there is, the better! between 8-10 ingredients for example that's enough, knowing that the first 5-6 make up 70% / 80% of the products. Names derived from a mixture of Latin and English apply to products of natural origin. The plant in Latin and its state in English. For example Butryosperum Parkii Butter = Shea Butter. Ingredients such as PPG, PEG, BHT, SLS .. are generally not good for the skin nor for the planet. As for the food we do not have the choice anymore, we must READ THE LABELS, and do not be scared the more you do it the easier it gets. There are now apps that can help you make your choices. I recommend those that analyze the ingredients and not the bar codes. For example: allows a super simple and fast INCI search.

etiquette enfance paris