Expert tips: Children's hair
01. 03. 2022

Just like for their delicate skin, babies and young children need special attention for their hair. Whether thin or thick, smooth or curly, numerous, sparse or even non-existent, hair can be a real subject to questioning for parents!

Enfance Paris has gathered for you the expert advice of one of the founders of the hair salon Carré Junior, an emblematic hair salon in the city of Lyon, France. For 14 years, Carré Junior has been the reference for children's hairstyling in Lyon and its region. A salon specialized in children's haircuts, all in a friendly and adapted reception area. From the choice of shampoo to the haircut, Carré Junior does everything so that the child feels good and that the haircut is a pleasant moment!

Virginie, the co-founder, shares with us her best advice:

Hello Virginie, could you quickly introduce yourself?

I'm Virginie, hairdresser and one of the two co-founders of the hair salon for children Carré Junior. 14 years ago in Lyon with Erika we opened the salon to offer professional cuts and specific care for children. Since then we welcome with great pleasure all the little heads of babies, children and teenagers who are entrusted to us. 

How is the hair of babies and children different from that of adults?

There are two main differences between adult and child hair. First of all, baby hair’s texture is thinner, closer to down than to hair. Secondly, since children have a smaller head circumference than adults their hair implantation is not yet in place. It tends to change between each cut and also tends to make the hair spikes more pronounced.

Can hair characteristics (texture, color, etc.) change during the first years of life?

Texture, color and thickness all change rapidly during the first years of life. But this remains the case throughout our lives, women and men alike. 

At what age do you get your final hair type?

We obtain our definitive hair type around puberty, generally between 12 and 13 years old.

Are there any mistakes that should never be made on the scalp of babies and children?

The first mistake you should never make with babies' and children's scalps is to use a shampoo that does not have surgras washing power. The other mistake is also to space out shampoos too much: a baby or a child sweats a lot from the scalp. Whether it is during its sleep, during feeding time or play time.

How do you recognize a shampoo that is adapted to the scalp of babies and children?

One realizes it very easily. Just check your baby or child's head : if the scalp is healthy and the hair shiny, then it is a good sign that the shampoo used is suitable.

Do you have a professional anecdote to share with us?

We have a large number of young customers whose parents use surgras shower gels for both their body and hair, and who have sebum scabs and dull hair. We remind them that the skull, the body and the hair each have very different needs. And that they each deserve adapted care. After some advice and using the Enfance Paris shampoos according to age, the baby or child no longer has a cradle cap* on the scalp. The hair that had become dull and powdery recovers all its shine within ten days!


Thank you Virginie!

To meet Virginie and her wonderful team, go to: Carré Junior - 25 Rue Bugeaud, 69006 Lyon, France - 

*For more information on cradle cap, read our blog post on the subject: here .