A well hydrated skin even during summer
01. 07. 2024

At the beach, mountains, countryside or at a summer camp, it’s important to keep your child’s skin well-hydrated even during summer.

With the heat, sand, chlorine, sun, and salty seawater our little ones' delicate skin is put to the test, and can become easily irritated and dry. It’s not just in winter that skin can feel tight and uncomfortable.

But don’t worry, we have solutions to help minimize or even avoid the harmful effects of these external aggressions.

  • Regularly hydrate your child’s skin:


Because well-hydrated and nourished skin is stronger and less prone to irritations and redness caused by the sun, salty seawater, and sand. Therefore, after a swim, a shower, or at any time, use a cream or oil to deeply hydrate their skin.

Moreover, when temperatures rise, we take more refreshing showers, and more showers mean more limestone on the skin, which dries it out, regular moisturizing is then essential.

  • Drink water :

This may seem obvious, but it is still always important to remember. It's simple: when it's hot, we get thirsty, and our skin does too.

Make sure your child drinks enough water to keep his skin hydrated from the inside out.

  • Use high-quality products :

Don't skimp on quality ! Just because you are away from home traveling , doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on the quality of the skincare products you use. It's preferable to choose moisturizing and soothing products specially formulated for your children's delicate skin.

ENF_creme03-057 copie_1.jpg

We support you with our creams and oils to guarantee gentleness  and protection to your children's skin needs. Because their skin deserves the best, even under the sun.

And of course, don’t forget the hat and sunglasses  to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind!