The values that guide us
27. 03. 2024

Enfance Paris, it's the story of a mother who passionately created the skincare products she couldn't find for her children. With the promise of enabling all parents to access an alternative beauty: more expert, greener, more inspiring for their children.

At the heart of the project are values that have remained unchanged for 10 years.

Organic, age-appropriate botanicals:

An avant-garde brand, the only one to have risen the challenge of launching into organic luxury skincare for children according to their age.

Each of our products is designed for the well-being of children's skin and hair. The formulas are of the highest quality, short and precious, based on the benefits of nature, and respecting the strictest quality and safety requirements.

Enfance Paris uses only exceptional raw materials from organic agriculture and bans all petrochemical ingredients. Without endocrine disruptors or other noxious additions, we are committed to protecting children's skin, but also our planet.

Enfance Paris skincare products lather less, but they don't pollute. Our products are certified by the European Ecocert and Cosmebio labels.

It's important to us to share our values through parent-child transmission:

A respectful approach to nature and life, our products are cruelty-free and vegan, which means with no cruelty to animals. None of our finished cosmetics, or any of the ingredients involved in their fabrication, are sourced from animals.

Our naturalality is also passed on through our formulas and their distinctive botanical scents. Our scents, creating parent-child memories, are those of plants and flowers.

Our care follows and respects the child's development to help them learn to be independent. Familiarizing them early to the adapted hygiene rituals, with the right products and good manners, skills that will last a lifetime.

Exposing children to elegant esthetic and design through graphic and luxurious packaging. This also helps children understand that cosmetic products are not meant to be toys.

Luxury & organic brand from the excellence of Made in France cosmetics:

All our skincare products are produced in France in respect of the norms and rules of French cosmetics, which are among the strictest in the world. Our products are thought in Paris, with an aesthetic as demanding as their content.

Our elegant packaging are designed with an ecological approach, all recyclable they are produced from recycled materials to preserve our environment. After use, we recommend sorting our packaging made of recycled carton, glass and recyclable plastics.

We give priority to short supply chains throughout our production chain and local employment. Our soaps are hand-packed in an ESAT (Establishment and Support Service by Protected Work) workshop, a societal commitment that's important to us.

With soft and rich textures, simple and non-excessive applications, our approach to cleansing is protective, effective and respectful. Enfance Paris is aimed at parents concerned with sharing respect for children’s skin and the planet, spreading the good habits and using the good products.