The power of perfume
26. 02. 2024

What better embodies childhood memories than fragrances?

Nothing captures emotion and transmission better than a scent. Fragrances pass down legacies from generation to generation, bringing memories from the past to the present.

For children, fragrances are more than just scents; they become emotional triggers,awakening memories, hugs, and shared family moments. Exploring children's growth reveals that each fragrance represents a pillar and a point of reference, helping to awaken the senses and emotions.

The Importance of scents for children:

During the early years of a child's life, they explore the world through their five senses. Smell is a crucial aspect of a child's development that is assisted by fragrances. Familiar scents can create a sense of security and a reference point for the child. It is advised for new mothers not to change their perfume during the first months after childbirth, this can lead to a loss of reference points. On the other hand, new scents in the child's environment stimulate learning and curiosity. The power of olfaction helps children form emotional bonds with their surroundings through scents that impact cognitive and emotional development.

Fragrance as a memory creator:

The link between smells and memory takes on a special dimension in children; certain fragrances serve as “Madeleine de Proust” as they grow. Fragrances become olfactory witnesses to precious moments, capable of transporting us to past memories. The association between smells and memory becomes a learning instrument, creating lasting memories. The use of perfumes can transform ordinary moments into memorable experiences. By integrating specific scents into daily rituals, children can positively associate these activities with olfactory memories, reinforcing their learning in a playful and engaging manner.

Fragrance as a tool for transmission:

Perfume also serves as a tool for transmission between generations. The ritual of a mother applying perfume, on herself and her surroundings, creates a moment of intimacy, a strong sensory memory shared between a mother and her child. This gentle fragrance establishes an olfactory connection between these two generations that endures over time.

Our eaux de toilette are developed with the aim of bringing scents that bind a family together. Enfance Paris products are fragrance-free, so it seemed obvious to develop our Eaux de toilettes, because each fragrance has its own purpose. Like our skincare products, perfumes from Enfance Paris have their own specific formulation. In fact, each represents a memory, such as a family garden, or a sunny day at the beach...

Our range, dedicated to olfactory emotions, is made up of 4 eaux de toilettes, for 4 colors, 4 cuddles, 4 memories, "L'Eau de toilette", "L'Eau Lilas" and our two new products "L'Eau Soleil" and "Au Jardin". These are designed to create moments of sharing and transmission between generations, as they are intended for children, teenagers and to be shared with mothers. Singular and unique, they all have in common the sparkling sweetness of bergamot and white musk for its reassuring powdery finish.

Discover them in our fragrance section on our website "Perfumes".