How to keep baby's skin well moisturized in winter?
02. 02. 2024

The first days of extreme cold have arrived. These days when the negative temperatures threaten the softness of the skin of our little ones. Indeed, the decrease of humidity in the air increases the risk of intense dryness of the skin, so the freezing temperatures only accelerate this phenomenon of dehydration. Babies and children's skin, being thinner than an adult's skin, is all the more prone to dehydration in periods of low temperatures. It is therefore imperative to best protect this fragile skin in winter, when the loss of moisture can reach alarming levels. But why does it happen all the more to the little ones? The skin is naturally protected by a thin layer of fat and water. For newborns, this layer sometimes renews less quickly than for an older child, because its sebaceous glands are immature.

How can we ensure the necessary softness and protection for the sensitive and delicate skin of our young and old facing these winter temperatures ?

To ensure the hydration and protection of the skin of your babies and children, it is essential to adopt an appropriate skincare routine. Here are a few tips:

Limit bath or shower temperature to 36°C and the bath time to around 10 minutes: Too high a temperature in the bath or shower increases the dryness of the skin and can aggravate irritation or damage to the child’s skin. Similarly, prolonging the bathing time dries out the skin even more.

Control the use of indoor heating: In these glacial colds, it's tempting to turn up the heat inside the house and baby's room to compensate with the outside temperature. But overheating can have an even more drying and irritating effect on the baby's skin. The ideal temperature for a baby's comfort is between 18 and 19°C. The use of a humidifier in the baby’s room can also fight against the very dry air that dehydrates the skin.

Use good moisturizing and nourishing products: After the bath, in the morning or evening, it's essential to use products that will deeply rehydrate your child's skin and bring him softness, comfort and protection. The use of a moisturizing face cream is highly recommended to treat and prevent lesions and irritations linked to skin dryness in periods of extreme cold. Our Soothing and Protective Face Creams for 0-3 and 3-12 years old, without alcohol, are full of rare, rich, nourishing and antioxidants active ingredients adapted to the delicate facial skin of toddlers and older children. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, they bring comfort, protection and softness to the skin of our young and old.




This winter, opt for tenderness. Nourish and protect the sensitive and vulnerable skin of your little ones with a gentle, specially adapted routine.