Cuddling fragrances for the whole family
20. 12. 2023

Enfance Paris creates unique, high end hygiene products for children with no added fragrance. Only oils and floral waters naturally scent our formulas. It seemed only natural that Enfance Paris should complete its range with an offer dedicated to olfactory emotions. A collection of 4 eaux de toilettes, 4 colours, 4 cuddles, 4 memories ....

  • Eau de toilette is a delicate, elegant fragrance, a gentle, comforting blend enhanced by Italian Bergamot, citrus and neroli. A floral, fruity bouquet that also includes white musk and ambrette to evoke the tenderness and warmth of a mother's arms.
  • L'Eau Lilas, a fresh, powdery journey into the heart of lilac. This beautiful plant with its fragrant flowers is a family gardens classic. Its spring flowering heralds the start of the season of luncheon on the grass and siestas under the trees.
  • Au Jardin is a generous bouquet of flowers and citrus fruits that sits enthroned on the garden table. Freshly cut verbena is surrounded by honeysuckle and lemon bergamot. Bursts of ginger and sweet almond sparkle alongside elegant white musk, the enveloping signature of Enfance Paris eaux de toilette. 
  • L'Eau Soleil is a warm, iodine scented eau de toilette. The sunny memory of a family day on the beach, surrounded by generous fig trees. Between dips and naps on the sand, salty, golden skin is splashed with bergamot and rosemary.

Enfance Paris' eaux de toilette are chic, Parisian creations for every moment of your life. They can be used to subtly scent baby's clothes and cuddly toy, or as a young girl's first eau de toilette. Your first fragrance is a scent that stays with you all your life, whether you remain faithful to it or take pleasure in rediscovering it, its reassuring memory never leaves you. Our timeless eaux de toilette are gentle, regressive fragrances designed for children and teenagers, and to be shared with mums. Light fragrances with real staying power, anchored in a chic, sophisticated identity.

Singular and unique, they all have in common the bergamot's delicate sweetness and white musk's reassuring powdery finish. The glass spray bottles are packed in recycled cardboard cases. With sober and an uncluttered design each Eau has its colour: violet, yellow, green, black&white. Available at