Nourishing Body Oil 0-3 years

For the first use, press several times to prime the pump. Use on a daily basis, whenever you wish to hydrate or massage your baby, warm the desired quantity in the palm of your hands, then massage it onto your child's entire body. 

In addition to safely nourishing your baby’s skin, It is suitable for a full body massage, head and body. We recommend starting the massage with the hands and feet. Then move up to the arms and legs. You can also gently massage your baby's belly, finishing with a head massage using large circles on the skull. For the face, we recommend you also apply the Soothing Face Cream 0-3 years.

Massage creates a parent-child bond, but also helps the baby digest and fall asleep. 

With every order of Nourishing Body Oil 0-3 years, you receive our Baby Massage manual.