Gentle shampoo 0-3 years

We advise you to wash your baby's hair once or twice a week, it is not necessary to wash his hair during each bath.

A tip : if our shampoo does not foam when applied it means that the hair did not need to be washed. The sleek formula of the 0-3 year old gentle shampoo is specific to the very thin skin of baby's skull.

Once the hair is  wet apply the shampoo directly on the head using the pump, massage gently avoiding to press on the fontanel (soft part located on the top of the head). Rinse the fine non-sticky foam with trickle of clear water and then gently dab the head with a towel to dry.

The absence of gum or silicone in EP shampoos makes the washing formula very effective and the hair may appear squeaky when brushed but this is normal,  they are clean! The more you use our shampoos, the more naturally the hair strengthens.