Protective & invigorating soap 8-12 years

Enfance Paris takes into account the evolution of the child's hygiene rituals and the more he grows up, the more he tends to wish an invigorating shower in the morning rather than a soothing bath in the evening. 

After wetting his body, stop the water from the shower and pass the tape around the wrist, start his toilet by soaping his whole body.  

It is generally recommended to wash from "cleanest to dirtiest": start with the face and end with the buttocks. Lather by rubbing the body, no need for washcloth or sponge. Then rinse with clear water, the fine and light foam of Enfance Paris bars of soap rinses quickly.

The invigorating protective soap 8-12 years is suitable for a gentle morning and evening cleansing of the face by lathering the soap between the hands, then massaging the areas of the forehead, cheeks and chin, rinse the face with clean water using a towel or washcloth for a clear skin. 

Pass the soap under clear water and then hang it by its ribbon to optimize its lifespan.