Protective & purifying soap 3-8 years old

From 3 years old and under your supervision, your child can begin to take care of his body and learn to wash himself properly. The purifying organic protective soap and its ribbon allow him to take responsibility for his toilet without waste.

After wetting his body, if he is in the bath ask him to stand up, stop   the water from the shower and once the ribbon is passed around his wrist, guide him to start his toilet by soaping his whole body.  

It is recommended to always wash from "cleanest to dirtiest": start with the face and end with the seat. Lather while rubbing the body, no need for washcloth or sponge. Then rinse with clear water, the fine and light foam of Enfance Paris bars of soap rinses quickly.  .  Once the toilet is finished, pass the soap under clear water and then hang it by its ribbon to optimize its life.