The latest buddy talk with episode #4: Mellipou
26. 10. 2023

"Make babies, Mellipou takes care of the rest!" Find out more about Mellipou, the unusual musical cushions, and its founder Marie, who promises to save parents precious minutes of sleep . Below, find the interview with Marie, her background and how she came to create her own brand.

Hello Marie, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, my name is Marie and I'm the founder of Mellipou. For 15 years, my life has been punctuated by the stage and music along with my work as a dancer. I've always worked with music, and it's always been a part of me. I decided to leave this profession to embark on a new adventure by setting up my own company. I was about to have my daughter and I was desperately looking for a music box that stood out from the crowd, but I couldn't find any that suited me. So I developed a new product that I found amusing: a cloud-shaped music box with Michael Jackson's Thriller as the lullaby! It was quite daring at the time, but it was an instant success, and that's how Mellipou was born in 2008.

Could you introduce your brand?

Mellipou is a French brand whose mission is to put babies to sleep with a familiar lullaby that parents are finally enjoying. We're proud of our eco-responsible values and the quality of our products. We manufacture made in France to order to avoid overproduction. We choose Oeko-tex certified quality fabrics, because it's important to us that baby is safe with our products. Our music boxes are original and modern. We offer unique designs, with well-known lullabies such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Stevie Wonder or La Boum... Our musical cuddly toys can also be personalised with a first name for a unique baby gift. Over the years, the company has evolved, and we now also offer products for mums, including our breastfeeding cushion, the skin-to-skin headband and our No. 1 product, the fanny pack. It's become a firm favourite with mums.

Why did you decide to create Mellipou?

I've noticed that it's important to have a musical ritual, which makes it much easier for babies to fall asleep. That's why I started making music boxes. I also wanted a product that shared my values about protecting children and that cared about the environment. A product that would last over time and appeal to children and parents alike. As I couldn't find what I was looking for on the market, I decided to create my own product. A product that reflects me and that offers well-known lullabies as a change from namby-pamby music.

Who are your products aimed at?

Mellipou is for all parents who want to put baby to sleep quickly. But also for people who want to give a unique, original and meaningful baby gift.

Could you tell us about your flagship product?

Over the years, we've developed two flagship products: the music box and the fanny pack. The music box is our first product, which we've produced in cloud, mini-cloud and star versions. It's a flagship product that parents love because of its original concept. Yes, rocking your baby to sleep with Harry Potter or Dirty Dancing and much more is not something you see everywhere. Our new flagship product is the fanny pack, and if you wear it every day, it's easy to see why it's so popular. The fanny pack is the DNA of the changing bag, but in fanny pack form. It's much more practical, less bulky and saves an enormous amount of space. I've seen too many women carry around a huge bag for a short outing, which is why we were the first to launch into this market and the public has been won over. With all mum's and baby's things in one place, we knew it was the best way to go.

How did you meet Enfance Paris ? At the time, Mellipou's offices were in the 10ᵉ arrondissement of Paris and that's when I met Agnès, we had friends in common. Then we met up again at the 'Douce France' event dedicated to Made in France brands, you guessed it! Agnès and I just clicked. I love her temperament, every time we see each other we're laughing so much, she's a gold medalist in repartee! She's a feel-good, happy person, a natural antidepressant! Agnès, if you're reading this, when are we going to meet up? ?

Thank you Marie for taking us behind the scenes at Mellipou. And thank you to all the entrepreneurs who took part in this series of articles.

And finally thank you for following our buddy talks about our entrepreneurial friends in the world of children. We hope you've enjoyed discovering their world as much as we've enjoyed introducing them to you.

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