10. 08. 2023

"Unique handmade creations just for your toddlers!" Rien Que Des Bêtises is a brand of clothing and accessories for children that combines colour and softness.

In the interview below, Justine tells us all about the backstage of her brand. How she imagines her creations to be pretty but above all practical. A little surprise is waiting for you at the end of the article.


  • Hello Justine, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

In my childhood dreams lived multicolored fairies, prankster goblins and light-hearted little dancers! Ever since I was a little girl, I've been drawing, dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. My grandmother, a seamstress, gave me a taste for fashion and design.

So I decided to study fashion design in Brussels, specializing in children's fashion. The Christian Lacroix fashion house rewarded me for my candy-themed collection, which I named "Rien que des bêtises...".

10 years later, after working for a number of children's clothing brands as a stylist, it was time to let my creativity fully develop and bring “ rien que des bêtises “ back to life.

So behind my sewing machine, it's for babies all over the world, and also since 4 years for my 2 children, that, stitch by stitch, I weave the threads of my life in the invention of unique handmade creations just for toddlers!

  • Could you introduce your brand?

Just outside Lille in France, the brand was born in 2015. It was built following Justine's inspirations of the moment and with precious advice from her sister and friends. Rien que des bêtises products blend color, softness and imagination in a refined, practical style.

Justine selects our high-quality, EOKO-TEX fabrics, then designs, cuts and makes each piece in her boutique-atelier in Lille.The items are then entrusted to a confectioner in the north of France to ensure the production of the made in France collections.

  •  Why did you decide to create Rien que des bêtises?

After 10 years of designing children's clothing and accessories for various brands, I finally had the courage to create my own brand, with the support of my partner, who helped me get started and encouraged me in this difficult world of entrepreneurship!

What a happiness to live from a passion, what a joy it is to see babies in the street wearing my products, what a joy it is to be able to reconcile my job with my life as mother of 2 wonderful children, who inspire me on a daily basis and enable me to design products that are beautiful but above all practical !

  •  Who are your products for?

Rien que des bêtises is a brand for babies from birth to around 4 years old.

  • Could you tell us about your leader product?

Rien que des bêtises slippers are perfect for warming baby's little feet when it's cold! Thanks to their elasticated ankle strap, the slippers fit perfectly on little feet and keep them warm all day long.

The sole is unlined for baby's comfort and especially for learning to walk. For baby's comfort and refinement right down to the toes, the ideal birth gift!

  • How did you hear about Enfance Paris?

We met via Faustine from Myum.

Thank you Justine for letting us discover the backstage of Rien Que Des Bêtises.

We're fans of your baby crunch slippers made of velvet for baby's comfort.

It's a gift : from today until November 10, 2023, get 20% off their entire website Rien Que Des Bêtises with the code ENFANCEPARIS.

Stay tuned, the next interview is already in progress…