06. 07. 2023

It is baby's first beach holidays? Don't panic, we've thought of you and prepared a checklist of the essentials you won't want to forget to spend memorable family time in complete safety.

A reminder:  avoid sun exposure between 12pm and 4pm. At this time of day, the sun is the highest and the shadows are the "shortest", so ultraviolet radiation is the most harmful. 

The effects of the sun are 2 to 3 times greater for children's skin than for adults, because their defense system doesn't kick in until they're 3 years old. 

So grab your sunglasses, umbrellas, UV shirts... Find below a list of useful and elegant accessories. 

  • The must-have UV tee-shirt and swimsuit from CANOPEA

UV-resistant, they are made from ECONYL®, an extremely resistant regenerated nylon fiber processed from fishing nets and textile waste. Laboratory-tested against the effects of chlorine, seawater and sun cream, their swimsuits offer UPF 50+ protection without chemical filters, thanks to a very tight mesh.

As well as being super stylish, they block most of the sun's harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn. 

So you can let your baby play safely in the sand without worrying about sunburn.

Baby's skull is extremely sensitive to the sun and heat, so in addition to regularly refreshing him with water, screw a hat on his head. With Chamaye you can finally find a brand of 100% cotton baby hats adjustable with a just enough funky style. A little extra, their matching parent-child collection for matchy-matchy family looks.

The Baby sunglasses expert offers a wide choice of shapes and colors to protect baby's eyes in style. All their products are designed to respect the comfort and freedom of toddlers, thanks to a choice of soft and lightweight material, without pressure or impeding their movement. The sunglasses frames are all ultra-flexible and suitable for handling by small hands.

Their beach tents and beach umbrellas have a delicious vintage look combined with modern ease of use, it's a zero fashion Faux Pas guaranteed on the sand this summer.

Inflatable accessories whose timeless designs are hand-printed on recyclable, phthalate- and BPA-free PVC. Children's buoys and balloons and many other accessories, to play and float comfortably with style.

After a beautiful day at the beach, take the time to carefully rinse and cleanse  your baby with clear water using our gentle body wash to remove sand, salt, chlorine and sun cream residues. Afterwards, you'll need heavy moisturizing  with oils and creams to rehydrate and relieve baby’s  skin from the aggressions of the beach.

We wish you a wonderful family vacation.

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