15. 06. 2023

At Enfance Paris, we make the deliberate  choice not to add  perfumes in our formulas. As synthetic fragrances have no benefits for skin nor hair, they are excluded from our formulas.

Since we created the brand 9 years ago, our aim is to offer a unique range of products. A range that was as accomplished and as well thought-out as possible, in the face of the existing poor  offer on the baby & children's market. A study of the children's cosmetics market soon revealed that almost all the products were identical: 2-in-1 shower gels, cleansing milks, moisturizing creams with unambitious compositions and, in all these formulas  synthetic fragrances added with a "baby" or "sugary”  scent.

We are convinced that children's skin deserves to be in contact with only the best of ingrédients. Our formulas are specific to each part of the body depending on where it will be applied, which reduces the ingredient list and allows us to use high-end ingredients in generous quantities.Off course our skincare are scented, with scents derived from the plants and flowers from which they are composed, according to their benefits for hair and skin. Like Rosemary in our 3-8 year-old soap for its antibacterial qualities, or the healing Geranium in our 3-12 year-old oil, and the soothing Lavender in our 0-3 year-old soap, the anti-lice Tea Tree in our 3-8 year-old shampoo .... 

The natural, botanical scents of our skincare products are consistent with the values of common sense and transmission that we wish to share with children.Our packaging isn't sugary and doesn't refer to toys, to show as early as possible the importance of taking care of yourself and your skin.With this in mind, we don't add synthetic fragrances in cleansing product  and  we recommend you wash with useful, well-crafted formulas and after if you want you to perfume you use a perfume ! and preferably on your clothes .