Our essentials to protect your children's skin in winter

Winter is coming... slowly but surely! This cold and windy season that damages your children's skin, which is so thin and fragile.  The wind, the dry air, the cold outside and the heat of our interiors are all worsening factors for your kids' dry and fragile skin. Dry red patches on their cheeks and even an aggravation of eczema are more likely to appear.

So, for that we have prepared some tips so that your little ones are ready to face winter calmly! 

 kid winter

Indeed, the skin of the youngest is exposed on a daily basis to external aggressions, too calcareous water, weather changes, pollution, sun, too aggressive products... it is important to nourish it in order to ensure a better protection of the skin's natural hydrolipidic film. The key is the protection of the skin barrier.  

Use the softenest products to avoid further drying of the skin: 

Our cold-saponified soaps, known for their nourishing and protective properties, can be used for both face and body. This traditional method makes it possible to produce extremely gentle daily cleansing products that respect the sensitive skin of children, to learn more about our article: cold process soap. The richness of the vegetable oils in our soaps make them ideal for protecting the skin from the cold. 


Our gentle cleansing gel will gently accompany you in any aggression for the skin.

 body and face wash

Protect their skin from dehydration and nourish it :

Our dry oil provides extraordinary nourishing power. It really acts as a magic breath to relieve dry or irritated skin.  Its soft texture penetrates quickly without leaving an oily film on the skin.

dry oil Enfance Paris

Water that is too hot or calcareous can dry out the skin, so reduce the time spent in prolonged baths and daily shampoos.