Before acne...

There is no need to go back over the fact that adolescence is not an easy time. Hormones explode, moods and the body change, the skin too...So many metamorphoses that occur in a short time frame and can be hard to live with. 

Here are some tips to help you prepare and support your tweens. 

Wash alone ok ! But do it well :

At 8 years old, the child washes alone, it is important to have taught him how to wash properly and to accompany him during his first gestures of self-hygiene. Beware of the too quickly done, no need to stay underwater for hours, you can wash quickly but with proper rubbing a little anyway. “From the cleanest to the dirtiest” this old saying is very clear to specify the order in which one should clean its body.

tween hygiene

A shower: 

At this age, the evening bath ritual is slightly babyish, isn't it? Then a morning shower is perfect! We have enhanced the 8-12 year-old treatments with peppermint and lemon, which have vivifying and tonic properties to wake up. A morning shower yes, but please don't forget in the evening to clean up your face!!!! As for teeth twice-daily, we must wash our faces twice-daily with the appropriate products. From the kindergarten on through user guides and visits of dentists in schools  we teach kids the right oral hygiene practices. By constantly repeating the message outdoors and at home, brushing your teeth becomes a ritual, a habit. The same must be done for the face.  

Do not forget your face:

Teach your child early on about the famous T-zone which includes the forehead, nose and sides of the nostrils to the chin. Let him get used to applying his hands correctly, to feeling the contours of his face. These are very simple yet unusual gestures for teenagers who are suddenly asked to apply cream to their faces and  appear very clumsy with their own faces. The richness of the vegetal oils in our 8-12 year old soap (shea butter, macadamia, coconut) makes it an ideal care product to accompany your Tween’s in the first steps of a routine that they will keep all life. 

soap 8 to 12 years

Keep in mind that it is above all impeccable facial hygiene that a dermatologist will impose on your teenager when dealing with acne. Learning a new routine late can be such a strain, so don't deny your child the opportunity to acquire the proper habits of daily skin cleansing as soon as possible.