Beware of the sun's rays!

School is over! Head for the beach, the pool or the mountain... No matter where you go, be careful of the sun's harmful effects.

Some tips are repeated every year, but it seemed important to me to recall some of them and to mention some new features that can make it easier for us to spend our holidays with the children!

The basic advice that immediately comes to mind is not to expose yourself between 12pm and 4pm, why? At this time of day, the sun is the highest and the shadows are the "shortest", so ultraviolet radiation is the most harmful. Therefore, use shaded areas if you go out at these times.

We also know that we should not expose our babies to the sun. However, we know that it is impossible to prevent them from gambling or staying in the shade for an entire afternoon. To reduce the risk of sunburn or sunstroke, simple protective measures can be used. Sunglasses, hat and swimsuit or anti-UV t-shirt are the perfect tool to avoid sunburn on baby's skin!

For several summers now, more and more models of anti-UV clothing and swimsuits have been appearing. You can now find beautiful models such as those from Canopéa for example. Be careful, these clothes must still be accompanied by several layers of sunscreen.

For sun creams, choose an SPF 50 or 50+ (an SPF 50 filters 98% of U.V. rays). Children's skin is extremely fragile and sensitive. Different types of creams may be suitable for you. Indeed, from now on, we can find consistencies, in foam, spray, or even thicker cream, in order to facilitate the application and to adapt the product to your baby's skin. The application must be done every 2H, and after each swim!

The summer of 2019 marks the promotion of sunscreens whose composition does not alter the quality of seawater and which respects marine fauna and flora. Indeed, the ingredients that have been found in our sun creams for years pollute and contribute to the deterioration of the seabed! Choose a more "safe" composition, whose filters are 100% mineral without nanoparticles. It is a simple gesture to adopt and that allows you to participate in the protection of the environment. To choose a new cream for this summer, trust the selection at Oh My Cream!

During the day or afternoon in the sun, remember to bring a tent for your little ones. They can play or even take a nap without the heat felt on the sand. Like UV-resistant clothing, you can easily find cool, easily transportable models.

Every evening, once rinsed with salt, chlorine and sand, remember to nourish and protect your skin and that of the children with our Nourishing Dry Oil.

Our oil is GMO-free, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol (hazardous to children's skin), sulfates, phthalates, silicone, alcohol, coloring, synthetic perfume, mineral oil, or palm oil. Moreover, it is not tested on animals, like the rest of our products.

It is a real concentrate of precious oils that will soothe skin irritated by sand or sun!

If you have tested it, don't hesitate to leave us your feedback on our website!

Agnes, Founder.