Focus Ingredient : The Lemon

Today I propose you an article "Focus Ingredient" about lemon! I think this fruit is a must for the summer and it is interesting to see how much we can benefit from it, whether in the kitchen, in health but also in the world of cosmetics. I hope this article will be useful to you and teach you the secrets of this citrus fruit!

Lemon (Citrus limon L.) is grown in hot, tropical and Mediterranean climates.

Its origins are Chinese and Indian, about 3000 years ago.

This fruit is 88% water! It also contains vitamins, including vitamin C, which everyone knows, but also vitamins B, B1, B2, B2, B3, B5, and B6, as well as vitamins E and K.

Lemon has many advantages, each of its components has a benefit. Its zest is used in cooking, cosmetics, and aromatherapy.

Its seeds are used for medical purposes. Finally, its juice and pulp have many benefits.

Lemon is an excellent ally for health and general well-being. It is a concentrate of vitamins, proteins but also trace elements.

From a health point of view, the vitamin C contained in lemon helps to better fix iron supplements in our body and helps to avoid their deficiencies.

This citrus fruit is recognized as a powerful antioxidant, it can act on reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases but also against Alzheimer's disease.

This benefit allows its consumers to reduce the risk of varicose veins because it protects and strengthens the vessel walls.

In winter, taking a lemon juice diluted with water prevents colds or flu.
Also for medical purposes, the antioxidant benefits of lemon improve the immune system and facilitate digestion.

In addition, it helps to remove toxins, because it stimulates the production of bile is stimulated which makes it possible to evacuate the bad toxins present in the liver: perfect to eliminate the excesses of the day before! In case of fatigue, do not hesitate to take a lemon juice cure in the morning, the strong presence of vitamin C will boost your energy!

Growing lemons is generally synonymous with the use of a large number of pesticides. That's why, if you buy them but they are not from organic farming, don't hesitate to wash them well before eating them!

For its use in cosmetics, lemon can be used for hair or skin. Its properties lighten your hair! Be careful, do not apply too often because it tends to attack the scalp. To use this tip, simply mix the lemon juice with water, spray on the tips and let it work. The effects will show if your hair is already light. For rinsing, use a conditioner or mask to prevent damage to the hair.

At Enfance Paris we use this citrus fruit in our  8-12 year old range. This range is intended for children who will be entering teenagehood. Their routine changes, some will prefer to take a shower in the morning. Our soap and shampoo will provide an invigorating and invigorating shower. The composition of the shampoo is based on grapefruit. You will also find sage and ylag ylang, these ingredients will strengthen and purify your child's scalp! Hair will be soft and shiny in complete safety!

The peppermint and lemon scents of our 8-12 year old soap will wake your child up in the shower!

For children, early acquisition of the right reflexes for daily skin cleansing is essential to cope calmly with the age of puberty. The Enfance Paris soap can also be used in the evening for a gentle cleansing of the face skin.

To finish in delicacy, I propose you a lemonade recipe, ideal for sunny days!

Here are the ingredients you will need:

1.5 litres of water

6 lemons (preferably untreated)

5 tablespoons of honey (to be adapted according to your preferences)

1 handful of fresh mint

Ice cubes

Here are the steps of the recipe:

Heat 200 ml of water with honey in a saucepan until the honey is completely underneath.

Squeeze 4 lemons to extract the juice.

Pour the juice and water/honey mixture into a pitcher, then add the rest of the cold water, the mint leaves and the 2 lemons cut into slices

Place the mixture in the refrigerator for 30 to 40 minutes

Last step: add ice cubes!

Have a good tasting!

Agnes, Founder.