A family outing : The Domaine De Chantilly

If you are running out of ideas for your vacation in France and you want to discover French History, I have an activity that should please the whole family.

Just 30 minutes from Paris, the Château de Chantilly is a place where you and your children can learn about history, but also enjoy the splendid park of the castle.

I went there a few weeks ago and thought that this destination might appeal to many of you.

 Let's discover the Duke of Aumale's residence and its many collections of books, paintings and art objetcs during your visit. The discovery of the castle can be done in 1 hour and half.

I found the visit very interesting and not at all boring thanks to the audio guide that is given at the entrance of the domain. What I also enjoyed, was listenning about all events that took place at the castle. The scenes are well detailed and explained with lots of enthousiasm.

A special audioguide for children (from 6 years old) is available and allows them to explore the castle with enigmas. I found this feature great so that kids could get interested in the place and learn more about the story. Several private tours are available if you wish to discover certain places that are not open to the general public.

For children, the visit of the park is fun, thanks to the Princes' Labyrinth, the treasure hunts, the playground or even thanks to the game booklets. Your children will be able to enjoy the wide open spaces and the animal park! Something to keep them occupied if you want to rest after the visit of the castle.

You should know that the estate also offers activities at the Grandes Écuries where you can watch a show with the horses and a fun visit to the horse museum. Several activities and visits are offered, such as a training demonstration.

I think these activities are perfect to finalize this day at the castle with the children.

You can visit the park on foot or by cart, scooter or even electric ATV. You can also have a picnic on site, especially in the English garden near the playground.

This break in this magnificent place will allow you and your children to enjoy the great outdoors and relax!

If you ever let yourself be tempted by this outing, don't hesitate to share your opinion with us !