Which product to use for your baby?

We are often asked why Enfance Paris does not produce a 2in1 body&hair body wash?

So I take the time here to explain why when launching our range we thought that it was not necessary to manufacture such a product.

First as a mom I launched the brand because I could not find in stores the products I wanted for my children. Products with clean formulas and comprehensible with aesthetic packaging. I realized, while all brands for children offered 2in1 body and hair formulas for babies. I wondered why, and what was the use of such a product for the skin of infants?

Did I use a 2in1 product to wash myself? no !. I understand the utility of such a product can be at the gym to avoid carrying multiple bottles, although mini or travel formats exist. In short I thought why put on my children a product that I do not use for myself?

I am a great follower of "less is more"  and this adage is most certainly applied to cosmetics and especially to children's products. Common sense has also reminded me that the body and skull of the baby are very fragile and are two separate parts of the body of children, do not they each deserve a gentle and specific formula?
The reason given for using 2in1 formulas is that they are more convenient, but convenient for what? We do not wash the hair of babies, if they have any, every day, why soap their body every day with a product for the hair? Having a product for the body every day and a shampoo once a week seems practical too.

After these different questions, I decided naturally that Enfance Paris would make a distinction between the skin of the body of children and their hair by formulating for each age group products specifically adapted to these areas with on one side our soaps for the body  and our shampoos.

I am not trying to teach a lesson here, and I know that being a parent asks us to make choices for the daily life and well-being of our children, everything and everything. With my natural care I am looking above all to offer an alternative, a choice, an additional vision to allow you to take care of the skin of your children safely.

Thank you for trusting us.
Agnès, Founder.