We wish you a sweet and beautiful year 2019, that all your wishes come true.

We take advantage of this end of the year to say THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts Thank you for following us and trusting us in this crazy bet that we made 3 years ago to let go and create a line of natural health care for children.

Since the launch of our three solid soaps for each age, thanks to you we have been able to grow and develop the range independently of large laboratories.

Thanks to you we have shown that it is possible to make a difference by offering our children pure and beneficial care with precious and effective ingredients, without chemistry, vegan and without animal cruelty. We can protect the skin of toddlers and also the planet.

It is not easy every day, but what a joy to know you faithful and more and more numerous on our side. We need you to continue to grow so do not hesitate to talk about our approach to your loved ones.

We wish you a very happy new year 2019 and see you soon with new products.

 Agnès, founder