Orange Blossom Floral Water

Orange Blossom Water:

With its sweet smell often related to childhood, floral water of orange blossom is present in our care for its many soothing and relaxing virtues.

It comes from a delicate, very fragrant white flower that grows on the Bigaradier tree. Originally from Asia, the bitter orange is now very widespread all around the Mediterranean coast. Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt are the main producers. Orange blossom is rich in aromatic molecules and active ingredients. It is very valuable because you have to distil a ton of flowers to get a liter of essential oil.

Orange blossom floral water is also a natural remedy for some baby troubles such as infant colic or sleep problems.

To help relieve your baby if he is suffering from painful infant colic just add a few drops of orange blossom floral water to his baby bottle at night it will help calm him down and relax him. For sleep troubles and agitated children you can also pour a teaspoon directly into the bath water to help with relaxation. Always ask your pharmacist for advice.

We chose to enrich our Gentle Shampoos 0-3 years with floral water of orange blossom for its virtues on the hair fiber. It is effective in allowing the hair to grow faster, shinier, and stronger.

For adults it is also appreciated for its benefits to the skin. It is invigorating and refreshing, it makes the skin softer and more beautiful. Ideal for sensitive skin, tired and scrambled complexions. It acts as a regenerating lash for the face. Every morning by applying it with a cotton, orange blossom floral water will illuminate your complexion, eliminate oil from oily skin and soothe redness and itching. Afterwards you may aply your moisturizer.

The many properties of this Mediterranean flower are well established and its rich and delicate fragrance makes it an essential natural ingredient to our cosmetic formulations.