Baby's first bath

There is of course no rule but the water element is what the baby is used to in its mother’s belly. Water should be for him a reassuring and familiar element, and for you to be calm and laid back is major so that this moment is peacefully shared. To be serene you must be well prepared, here is a small list of things to check and do before and during the first baby baths. Remember that it is above all a moment of sensory sharing between you and your baby, a moment to meet gently.


The bathroom: The temperature in the room of the bathroom between 23 ° C and 25 ° C is very good. Also remember to close the windows to avoid air flows.

 The bath: As far as possible choose a model of baby bath suitable for your shower or bath, the more comfortable you will be the more you will be relaxed.

 Water: The temperature of the bath water must be between 35 ° C and 37 ° C. In general always check the temperature with a thermometer before immersing baby. No need either to fill the bath up no more than 10 cm to 15 cm of water is enough. 

 The material: prepare well at hand everything you will need, during and after the bath: The towel, the cleansers, the glove or the sponge, its change and clean clothes. It is ideal to have a changing area near the bath or to dress baby after bathing. Keep in mind that an infant loses their body heat faster.

Safety: We will never tell you enough, but under no circumstances should you leave a child alone in his bath, without supervision he can drown even in 2 cm of water. If you must open the door, wrap your baby in his towel and take him out of the bath.

 Hygiene: To avoid stress during the first baths around how to hold baby while cleansing his body, we recommend for the first baths to simply wash your hands with our 0-3 years old protective soothing soap directly in the bath water . The water will thus become soft and slightly oily and no need to scrub your baby. If his diaper is dirty, think of cleaning his buttocks before bathing so as not to contaminate the water. Our 0-3 years old soap is adapted to the toilet of the body and the skull of baby, in the first month no need for a hair shampoo. From 6 months on depending on the mass of hair your child has you can start using an adapted baby shampoo once or twice a week.

 Gesture: When you feel more confident, you will hold your baby with one hand and with the other you will cleanse the body. Always wash your child from the cleanest to the dirtiest area, start with the head and finish with the buttocks. Choose products without aggressive surfactants that in addition to hard water will dry needlessly the fragile skin of your baby. See Gentle Wash Cleansing Gel. If you have questions that have not been answered during your stay at the maternity hospital, do not hesitate to write them down and then share them with your midwife during the first home visits.

 Frequency: No need to give a bath every day to a newborn (see our article dry baby skin). In addition to buttocks  cleanse after each diaper change, a quick cleanse with wet cloth of the face, ears, neck, and under arms, hands is sufficient. If your baby enjoys this moment of relaxation then give him bath every day but if possible not too long, always because of the water so filled with limestone, we recommend maximum 10 minutes.

 Bath time: The bath must remain above all a moment of calm and well-being for the baby and his parent. Giving the baby bath at night seems to me the most opportune moment to meet after a hectic day and to facilitate the baby's relaxation in preparation for bedtime. The aromas of Lavender Officinale in our 0-3 years old soaps provide this soothing benefit.

I sincerely hope that these few tips will accompany you in your first steps of parenting and I wish you plenty of magic moments, of sharing softness during the baths of your babies.