Dry baby skin

Dry baby skin - If there is a case where we are not born  equal, it is in terms of skin.

There are sensitive, atopic, reactive skin ... The common point is often a sensation of dry skin.

In our opinion there are some simple actions to adopt in order to ensure a better protection of the natural hydrolipidic film of your baby skin.

The key lies in the protection of their skin barrier. It is delivered to us at birth and the game is not to diminish it. The main aggressions are water, pollution, sun and too aggressive body products.

With children it is necessary to let it develop, for example it is recommended not to wash the newborn babies so that they keep as long as possible their vernix caseosa  which is a great ally to their immune system.

Then avoid baths too long, even if it is a relaxing time during their first year a bath every day is not mandatory, a toilet with the glove can be enough.

And most of all do not use too aggressive shower gel with surfactants removers. Why wash a baby with a body & hair shower gel? Do you even use a body and hair shower gel for your toilet?

Our baby soap 0-3 years old or our gentle body wash will accompany you gently while insuring a baby toilet free from any aggression for the skin. If after a gentle cleansing the skin of your child still seems dry, I recommend you to nourish his skin with an oil.

If the skin is not dry then it is useless to feed it with a cream or an oil, "less is more" the less the better it is always better to let the skin relipid itself to become stronger.

Good bath to all.