Back to school time

A week after starting school it is now time for a quick reminder about  head lice.

Who says school, says our dear little hairy heads all side by side, leaning on exciting readings, sure !! it mainly says heaven for head lice happily jumping everywhere.

So before you pull your own hair out because of these damn things or shave your kids’head may be you should try washing their hair once or twice a week with our purity shampoo 3-8 years old.

With our 3-8 years old hair kids range we thought of everything for you. A very gentle cleansing base enriched with tea tree and lavender among the most effective natural head lice repellents. Its liquid formula specific to hair care is an effective complement of anti-lice treatments. Its moisturizing plant ingredients purify the scalp while ensuring smoothness and shine on a daily basis.  

I propose you a natural recipe as an anti-lice treatment if your child's hair is infected:

Knowing that it contains essential oils, it can be used from 3 years old,

You're going to need:

- 50 ml coconut oil.

- 12 drops of tea tree essential oil

- 12 drops of lavender essential oil

Mix the 3 oils mentioned above, then apply this mixture to your child's damp hair. Then comb the hair, and apply the mixture again, but on the scalp. Remember to comb well by creating "stripes" so that the treatment is well distributed.

Don't forget the areas around the neck and behind the ears! To make this technique even more effective, place the plastic film around the head. The heat created will allow the mixture to spread evenly over the skull. The exposure time is about 2 to 3 hours.

For rinsing, use up to 2 shampoos. Coconut oil is very greasy and can be difficult to remove on some hair types.

Depending on the evolution, you can do this mixture again once a week!

With your combs, it's on and above all a beautiful comeback for all of you.

Agnes, Founder.