Floral waters and essential oils: the miracle ingredients of our products!

Floral waters and essential oils: the miracle ingredients of our care products!

You frequently see floral waters in our compositions but are you sure to know what they are? If not, we'd like to give you a quick reminder of these precious ingredients that make our products such good care choices.

Floral waters are liquid and aromatic extracts mainly composed of water. They also contain oligoelements and aromas, which contribute to the immune system of children and adults alike.

The concentration of these elements is higher in essential oils than in floral waters. An ideal floral water for your children is a floral water without preservatives, solvents or alcohol. If a floral water guarantees these conditions, you can use it for your children without any fear, internally through food or externally through various care products.

Floral waters are produced by steam distillation of certain compounds contained in plants and flowers. The water vapour penetrates the flowers and becomes impregnated with lipids and various compounds. Once they are combined, the essential oil is formed. In order to obtain a floral water, it is sufficient to recover the water enriched with essential oils.

The floral waters that we favour in our care products are witch hazel, known for its toning and purifying properties, orange blossom, which brings softness, chamomile, which is soothing and anti-inflammatory, and peppermint, which protects and strengthens.

You should know that in our liquid formulas, water, which is generally the main element of cosmetic formulas, is replaced by floral waters, enriched with active ingredients and carrying multiple properties.

We hope to have taught you a little more about the benefits of these marvels.

If you are interested in this subject, do not hesitate to consult the compositions of our products on our site. You'll see that floral waters are often used in our magical compositions!