Focus Ingredient: Aloe Vera

Today we have decided to focus on a precious ingredient in our Enfance Paris products, Aloe Vera. 

The use of Aloe Vera is not recent. Since ancient times, the virtues of this plant have been recognised. 

Aloe vera originally comes from the southern hemisphere (South Africa, Canary Islands, Madagascar, etc.) which have a tropical climate. However, this plant is now cultivated all over the world, under greenhouses.

Aloe Vera is also more and more used as a decorative plant. Easy to maintain and very resistant, it will bring colour and the dose of nature your home needs.

Aloe Vera is composed of 98% water and 2% active ingredients. 

However, this 2% of active ingredients contains more than two hundred precious substances! These substances include vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc.

This perennial plant with various therapeutic virtues can be used both internally and externally, relieving pain, promoting healing, reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system...

In a nutshell, this miracle ingredient, which is full of properties, is present in many cosmetics and is increasingly recognised for its moisturising capacity. 

If Aloe Vera makes miracles on our skin, it also acts on our hair. Indeed, it is well known that hair requires oily hydration. However, it also needs to be moisturised with water, a major ingredient in Aloe Vera, which will bring shine and strength to your hair. This plant also regulates excess sebum, allowing you to space out your shampoos. Finally, thanks to its concentration in vitamins, Aloe Vera promotes hair growth.

Some enthusiasts even drink Aloe Vera juice. You can buy it in supermarkets and in some pharmacies. This juice is known for its stimulating, anti-fatigue and antiviral properties. We advise you to make sure that the aloe vera in the juice is organic and that the percentage of aloin is less than 0.1.

If you grow your own Aloe Vera or if you buy it in branches, it is better to know how to get this miracle gel:

- Cut a slice of about 2 to 3 cm from the widest part of the leaf.

- Cut off the ends to remove the aloin

- Cut off the spines and slice down the middle lengthwise 

- Apply one of the pieces locally to your wound/burn 

The gel can be applied directly to the skin, as we have just seen, but can also be combined with a vegetable oil.

At Enfance Paris we use this ingredient in our La Peau Douce moisturizer. Smooth and non-greasy, this moisturizer is designed for babies and children for their daily hydration.

In this formula, we have chosen to combine Aloe Vera, which is nutritive and moisturizing, with Organic Cocoa Butter, which soothes, and Organic Shea Butter, which softens, to obtain soft and comfortable skin after use.

Our moisturizer, with its short composition, is certified organic and Vegan.

If Aloe Vera is now one of your favourite ingredients, as it is for us, we advise you to keep an eye on our new products... We haven't heard the last of it at Enfance Paris.