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Today we publish a different article than usual. Indeed, it is an Q&A! We have gathered here your most frequently asked questions. 

We hope to answer some of your questions.

Enjoy reading! 

Is it possible to receive samples?

Currently we do not produce our care products in sample format, but we do have mini sprays of our Eau de Toilette! Send us a message with your contact information if you would like to receive it:

Why is it written "from 3 years old" on the 1st toothpaste? 

Since 2018, the French legislation requires that toothpastes for children have the mention "from 3 years old", this follows the scandals related to the dubious compositions of certain laboratories and the fact that children under 3 years old do not spit out correctly.  However, our toothpaste does not contain fluoride or titanium dioxide. If your child eats it while brushing, there is no risk to his or her health! In general, we recommend starting to use toothpaste when your child is in motor skills to brush his teeth by himself :) 

Why are your shampoos so liquid? 

There is no texturizing agent (gum, silicone ...) that is why the texture is more liquid.  It is applied directly on the wet hair of the child. The mousse will be finer than a traditional formula and rinses off very easily. Our shampoos wash the hair without damaging the scalp which naturally becomes stronger, this is one of the reasons why milk crusts disappear with the shampoo 0-3 years. 

After using the shampoo, the hair is tangled, do you have any advice?

During the first washes for certain hair types, our shampoos can have a detoxifying effect, since they contain no texturizing agents or gums, the hair is clean and crisp. Afterwards, after 2/ 3 shampoos, the more "used" hair should discipline itself more easily. We recommend using our leave-in detangler after shampooing for gentle detangling.

Can Nourishing Dry Oil be used on an eczema-prone baby under the age of 3?

Originally I created the Nourishing Dry Oil for my daughter and her eczema which so far we have been able to control perfectly thanks to the dry oil.  I sincerely believe that the Nourishing Dry Oil should be tried before starting corticosteroid treatments for example. Try it on small areas to see how the skin reacts. 

In general, avoid starting any new routine when the skin is in crisis. As soon as the skin is "calm", start nourishing the skin, twice a day, on spots prone to eczema. Little by little, the skin will be stronger in the face of new attacks. 

Do you have any advice for children's atopic skin?

For atopic skins like eczema, you should avoid too long contact with water that is often too hard, prefer a shower to a bath, especially in times of crisis. Do not use sulphate cleansing gel, which is too aggressive and say goodbye to large daily cow's milk bottles :)

We only offer products with soft and ultra clean formulas! Our goal is to nourish and protect the most fragile skins, including atopic skins. 

Our soaps are naturally superfatted and are ideal for fragile skin.

The nourishing oil is a magical breath of fresh air for atopic and eczematous skin. 

What are the benefits of bar soap? 

Cold saponified solid soaps (not industrial, harder to chemical odors) allow for formulas with exceptional transparency and composition, in addition to 0 waste. This saponification makes it possible not to use preservatives. They are simply precious organic oils that dry and then cut into bars, ensuring a daily cleansing of extreme softness for the skin. 

Do you use essential oils in your treatments? 

Yes, in some formulas we trust nature. 

Nature is an inexhaustible source of benefits for the skin. There are as many essential oils as there are plants and flowers on the planet. Some are extremely powerful, even toxic, but others are natural solutions that we think it is a shame to deprive ourselves of. 

Never pure and never on the skin itself, but always diluted in precious vegetable oils such as macadamia, jojoba, apricot kernels. They can be real allies to relieve the most fragile skins.

For example, for the eczema of a child under 3 years old, why not try our nourishing oil with 0.01% organic geranium essential oil diluted in +99% organic vegetable oil before starting corticoid treatments. :) 

Do you have an organic certification or label? 

Yes, this year we have decided to label our treatments. The Cosmebio and Ecocert Cosmos Organic logos will gradually appear on our packaging. 

Can we use the oil on eczema patches?

The skin of eczematous people is very reactive and can react to anything when it is in crisis, water, air ... 

In general, it is necessary to avoid introducing a new product when the skin is in crisis. This is why the tip of the oil allows a precise application in order to introduce the product little by little to acclimatize and strengthen the skin. The oil can thus be used to anticipate the next crisis.

From what age can you use your Eau de Toilette? 

From birth, but not on the skin itself. We recommend scenting the linen, soft toys, clothes or even the hairbrush for a light and delicate fragrance. Our fragrance is transgenerational, it works as well on you as on your child :)

We still have other question, but we will answer them in a second blog post,

We hope you found those answers useful.