6 years ago...

Enfance Paris was launched 6 years ago by Agnès, a mother who could not find the right skin care for her children's fragile skin. In order to relieve these sensitive skins, she developed, with the help of a friend, who works in phytocosmetology, the first care of the brand: 3 solid soaps. 

"I wanted parents to have a transparent choice, so that they no longer have to worry about whether they are putting their children in danger by applying something to their skin.

Six years ago, it was the first brand to launch into the niche of an organic luxury dedicated to children. The beauty sector is highly developed but products designed for the skin, the most precious of all: children's skin, did not exist.

Enfance Paris is a line of 100% natural skin care products, entirely adapted to the specific needs of the skin, from birth to the early adolescence.

We are the first brand to have taken into account the needs of the skin according to age. Indeed, the skin of a newborn baby does not have the same needs as that of a 4 year old child. This is why each product has a specific formula, with ingredients that act on a specific problem.

The first botanical and expert formulas of Enfance Paris are marketed in the form of soap bars, for each age category 0-3 years, 3-8 years, and 8-12 years. The soap bars, as in the past, allow the use of a product with a natural and minimalist composition.

Today we propose more than ten references, with formulas as precious as each other. Our range of products is suitable for the whole family.

For the last 6 years, we are delighted to have been able to participate in the development of clean cosmetic products without ingredients harmful to your children's skin.