Enfance Paris' Values

Launched almost 6 years ago, Enfance Paris has always emphasized the importance of healthy and understandable formulations for its cosmetics. In traditional cosmetics we used to have labels filled with incomprehensible terms including components that added texture, fragrances, often derived from petrochemicals that are mostly categorized as endocrine disruptors. 

In order to offer clean products to reassure parents, we have set ourselves a set of specifications so that they can easily find their way around and understand our approach.

Through the launch of each product, Enfance Paris respects the values set during its creation. It is important for us to highlight this transparency to help our customers to better understand cosmetics, whether for their children or for their own routine.

Our cares are: chemical-free, composed of ingredients of organic origin, vegan: All our cares are elaborated according to the strictest quality and safety requirements in order to protect the skin of the youngest.  Enfance Paris uses only exceptional raw materials from organic farming (precious vegetable oils, luxurious floral waters, multiple beneficial essential oils, etc.) and has banned absolutely all ingredients from petrochemicals. Thus our formulas are free of OG, synthetic perfumes, parabens, PEG, BHA, BHT, phthalates, EDTA and phenoxyethanol. Concerned about animal welfare, the brand is cruelty free and vegan and we are committed to using only natural ingredients of plant origin.

We use luxurious ingredients with multiple benefits: Enfance Paris highlights the powers of medicinal plants and essential oils. From rosemary from the south of France to organic Guérande fleur de sel, we seek the best of plants and never skimp on their quality.

We have chosen the Made in France and an artisanal manufacture: Our soap bars are cold saponified in the respect of the traditional artisanal know-how. All the care products are made in France in accordance with the rules of French cosmetics which are among the strictest in the world. Finally, they are packaged by hand in a workshop for disabled workers.

Respect for the skin and the planet: The formulas are carefully elaborated with respect for the skin and the environment. This is why Enfance Paris care products foam less, but they do not pollute. They are made in France in small quantities and all the packaging comes from recycling and is recyclable.

Today we think it is important to promote products with transparent formulas and to use common sense. Indeed, it is obvious that children's skin does not need products with extendable compositions. Parents can be reassured with Enfance products, which contain the minimum of ingredients. Nowadays, consumers are more and more attentive to these values and are inquiring about the traceability of products for example. We are delighted to contribute to this change in consumption patterns and to offer our products on this vast market.