We reveal the secret of our Gentle Body Wash : Organic Guérande Sea Salt Flower.

As you know, our formulas are always reduced to the strict minimum. For example, our shampoos do not contain any texturising agents and are in fact more liquid than conventional shampoos. They are simply applied directly to wet hair.

When creating our body and face wash we have had the same concern not to add unnecessary texturing agents. However, when using a washing gel, it must remain in the palm of the hand and have a certain density.  After many tests, we chose Guérande salt, more precisely organic Fleur de Sel .

Fleur de Sel de Guérande is very pure, particularly rich in trace elements and minerals. Could another, more common salt be suitable? Well, no. We chose it because of the optimal action on the skin of the minerals and trace elements it contains. Presented in the right concentration in a formula, it appears to be an interesting solution for treating skin problems in babies and children.

Sodium chloride is generally thought to be irritating to the skin. If we had chosen to use an industrial salt purified (food or other) and composed of 100% sodium chloride it could indeed present a risk. This is not the case with Fleur de Sel. In fact Fleur de Sel de Guérande by its composition and production technique is less rich in sodium chloride, which is why it helps to treat inflammation, irritation, eczema, psoriasis and also promotes hydration.

The Fleur de Sel not only has gustatory qualities, it is a true beneficial partner, rich in bio-available magnesium present in the form of chloride, it is also rich in calcium and potassium, in addition to many trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron and manganese are included in its composition.

Now it's up to you to taste it...