Enfance Paris presents: 1st Toothpaste

To meet the demand of parents anxious to offer healthy and effective hygiene products to their children, we have developed a natural and tasty formula to take care of the first teeth. In view of the latest scandals relating to the questionable compositions of toothpastes, especially those for children, including highly controversial endocrine disruptors such as triclosan, sorbitol or phenoxyethanol, Enfance Paris has responded and proposes an effective and safe solution. It is important to set up a toothbrushing ritual morning and evening so that the gesture becomes an automatism for the rest of the children's lives.

Based on the benefits of nature, we have developed a formula with extremely soft abrasive properties allowing the removal of dental plaque with very fine particles so as not to irritate the gums.

We then selected and enriched our formula of plants from organic farming:

ORGANIC Green tea extract with astringent, toning, antioxidant properties, naturally rich in mineral salts and improves oral hygiene.

ORGANIC Floral water of chamomile, this floral water has soothing and calming properties.

ORGANIC Strawberry Extract its richness in vitamin C and flavonoids gives it tonic properties and the taste is not to displease the children.