How to protect our children from endocrine disruptors?

It's official according to a recent study by the magazine « 60 Millions de consommateurs », No. 526 * all our children are contaminated with these toxic substances that interfere with their hormonal system. We can no longer ignore the dangerous potential of these pollutants and wait for the European authorities to react firmly with a ban on endocrine disrupters.

On a day-to-day basis as parents, we can begin by changing our habits and start by being vigilant about the foods, toys, clothes and skincare we put in contact with our children.

Here are some tips you could apply in your home:
• Do not use scratched or damaged kitchenware.
• Do not heat your food in plastic containers.
• Ventilate your home every day.
• Dust at least once a week the children's room.
• Privilege a diet without pesticides, organic.
• Wash new clothes before first use
• Read labels the fewer ingredients, the better.
• And finally ban cosmetics containing endocrine disruptors. There are applications that can help, for exemple Clean beauty App, free it is rather practical with an immediate photo analysis of the list of ingredients.